5 Tips to Start Meditating Daily

Most people now recognize the benefits of daily meditation, but few are able to follow-through with it, so here are 5 Tips to Having a Daily Meditation Practice from to yoga teachers.

Tip 1: Set an intention. Think about one of the benefits of meditating daily, and set that as your specific focus. That could be reducing stress in your work life (or work/ life balance), being more present with your kids, or clearing your mind so you can confidently make a decision or big life change you are considering.

Tip 2: Pick a consistent time of day, preferably in the morning. This is the number one way to make a meditation practice consistent. Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier to allow extra time to meditate, if possible.

If the morning does not work for you because of work or kiddos, then commit to another time, maybe as a part of your evening/ bed time or kids’ nap time. You are more likely to follow through if you mentally have set aside time for it.

If you truly do not have 20 minutes to designate for deep and concentrated meditation, you can shorten the time to as little as 3 minutes, or commit to adding mindfulness to several of your daily activities and you can get some of the same benefits as sitting for a longer meditation. Thich Nhat Hahn has an excellent book Peace is Every Step, that shares many mindfulness practices that can be included in daily activities you are already doing, such as mindful eating, washing dishes, and sitting at red lights. : )

Tip 3: Find someone (or something) to be accountable to. Invite a friend to join you and you can text each other each day after you have meditated, or if you like ticking off check-boxes as much as I do then you can write little boxes on your paper calendar so you can check-off when you complete your meditation for the day. You can also dowload a habit tracker app and check-off on your phone (Habit List is one we have used to track our 40 and 90 day meditations).

Tip 4: Specify a number of days. While the overzealous among us (talking to myself here) may have grand intentions to meditate every day for the rest of our lives, our minds have a hard time conceptualizing this and we run the risk of feeling overwhelmed or like it is impossible. It can be helpful to pick a specific number of days you are committing to, and once you reach your goal, you can commit to another set of days.  In Kundalini Yoga, we typically start with a 40 day commitment, but if that seems too long, then commit to 10, or 7, whatever feels do-able and motivating to you.

Tip 5: Don’t let one missed day become five. Our minds often work on an all-or-nothing, black-and-white setting much of the time; so, if we miss one day of our meditation commitment we feel as though we failed because the only options are success and failure, and then we continue to miss days or quit altogether. But meditation is not a black and white thing, any day you meditate is going to add to your life and your practice. Be graceful and practice forgiveness and compassion with yourself. Do not expect perfection, or let one skipped day lead to 3.


Would you like support for your daily meditation practice?

Ramtin and I know how great it feels and how smoothly life flows when you meditate consistently, and we created a free 10 day meditation program called 10 Days of Kirtan Kriya to help you have that experience. We have experimented with many different mindfulness, meditation, and other spiritual practices, but chose the Kundalini meditation Kirtan Kriya because it is simple and powerful. (Click here to read more about the proven benefits of Kirtan Kriya).

When we were thinking about creating the program, we thought about what it was like when we were wishing we had a home meditation practice, but just couldn’t seem to make it work. We thought about the kinds of things that would have motivated us and helped us be successful at that time.

So, the 10 Days of Kirtan Kriya includes everything you need to experience a consistent Kundalini Meditation practice for yourself:

  • An instructional video teaching you how to do the Kirtan Kriya
  • 10 guided Kirtan Kriya meditation videos delivered daily to your inbox
  • BONUS downloadable printables to help you stay on track

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We know you are going to love the reduced stress and clearer mind you experience after you commit just 20 minutes a day for the next 10 days.

With love,

Jen & Ramtin


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