As Creators: A Conscious Living Manifesto

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As human beings we are born to be creators: we have been given a chance to be creators if we choose to accept it.

Our thoughts, intentions, attitudes, decisions, and actions signify our acceptance: We either accept it or not.

If we do, our life is a joy to live, and if we don’t, we suffer the consequences. The consequences are being lost in duality and therefore living with disease in our body, dysfunction in our mind, and disorder in our world.

Our decision creates a life of bliss or life of duality. We either create heaven on earth or create hell.

God has given us this opportunity on Earth to become his co-creators. God has given us time, space, abundance of nature, body, mind and soul to become conscious creators on earth.

We have been given the mind to create the life we desire,  the body to live the life we create for ourselves, and a soul to keep our connection with the spirit.

"We have been given a mind to create the life we desire..."

As creators we are grateful, we have good attitudes, we provide for ourselves and others. We become creative in nature as a human being and not victim of belief systems and habits. We use our minds and bodies effectively and not abuse it with artificial substances, ingredients, and fearful thoughts.

We love ourselves and our creations. We live in the moment and become mindful of our lives and actions; we are not reactive. We live consciously, and not by the programming of our subconscious mind.

We are aware of our feelings and learn how to control them. We learn how to direct our emotions and how to use them to our benefit. We believe in the power of our thought, we learn how to use our energy effectively. We use the laws of the universe to manifest.  We like change and growth. We are passionate and merciful.

We don’t let fear determine our thoughts, intentions, decisions, actions, and reactions. We act with grace. We become patient with ourselves and others. We respect ourselves and others. We like abundance and prosperity. We create positive energy.

We don’t dwell in karmic life. We don’t let the duality of cause and effect rule our decisions and our life, but we use the power of cause and effect to create what we want to benefit our lives and others.

We become more generous and more giving. We welcome others’ traditions, belief systems, opinions, and philosophy. We listen with our heart and soul and we decide with our neutral mind.

We become more flexible in our approaches and attitudes. We do not use fear to defend our being. We see others as creators. We become united.

We recognize our powers within. We create a conscious connection with the unseen power that is felt via the subconscious mind using the five sense through our subtle bodies of energy that we possess as human beings (the ten bodies we learn about Kundalini Yoga).

We understand and become one with divine energy. We contribute all of our glory to God and infinite divine source energy. We understand that science and technology are a byproduct of creation. We understand that our conscious thoughts are powerful and expand this universe.

We become more receptive and we allow things and people to reveal their goodness to us. We don’t judge too easily, and we don’t jump to conclusions so easily. We become spiritual, not religious.

As creators we are not afraid of change, we have faith, we trust our higher self and higher consciousness.  Thus, the unknown becomes a pathway of light not darkness.

As creators we know that nothing happens by chance, we trust that by being open to miracles and magical occurrences, the creative energy of nature, higher consciousness, and other beings like Angels and ascended masters are only a thought away and always with us. We notice, and experience miracles every day; what is conceived as miracle or magic to the mind through our five senses becomes a way of life.

"As Creators, we work with The All..."As creators, we work with ‘The All”. We see all as good.

As creators, we lead from the heart.

As creators, we become a co-creator of infinite source energy.

As creators, we love life and we create more life.

As creators, we become what God has created us to be…

How do we become Creators, more specifically, conscious creators?

We have to go within

We have to believe in ourselves

We have to understand our mind, body and soul

We have to understand every facet of ourselves

We have to become heart centered

We have to start a heart-centered revolution, 

 of conscious living, powered by the subconscious mind.

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We have to start a Heart Centered Revolution

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