Attachment vs. Awareness

cropped-IMG_1509.jpgI have a confession: my mind is compulsive, excitable, anxious and ATTACHED to outcome.  My ego creates an expectation, and then my subconscious attaches some monstrous, earth-shattering meaning to it that operates just below my conscious thoughts but guides and motivates them nonetheless.

This subliminal equation seems to be something like: “If I do not do X, then I am not a good business owner/ daughter/ partner/ friend/ pet-owner, etc;”

So what is the cure?? How do we stop being pulled and pushed by underlying assumptions and attachment to arbitrary goals?  The first, integral step seems to be Awareness; awareness of the subconscious links, and of our true nature as human beings.  Yoga and meditation have started to make these  inner workings of my mind more obvious and accessible, ringing true its nickname the “Yoga of Awareness”.  Kundalini has also brought to light the reality that- as a human being- my true nature is Infinite, creative, and unlimited.

My wish for myself and others is that we as a species become better able to bypass the fearful links created in the mind by becoming aware of our Infinite nature, and thus live from the heart, full of love and compassion for ourselves and for others.

Love & Light,

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