Jen Pourvasei

Conscious Nutrition & Kundalini Yoga (feat. Heather Fleming) – 029

Sat Nam, This episode introduces you to revolutionary nutritionist Heather Fleming, who shares how your relationship to food can be a spiritual practice.  ——————————————————– Links mentioned in this episode:  Re-New Year Retreat hosted by Heart Centered Revolution and Conscious Nutrition: Heather’s Feeling Quiz: ——————————————————— Listen to the episode […]

How Kundalini Yoga Elevates Consciousness – 028

Sat Nam, This episode explores how Kundalini Yoga elevates your consciousness by increasing your sensitivity and awarenesses.  ——————————————————– Links mentioned in this episode:   Spiritual Counseling with Ramtin: ——————————————————— Listen to the episode you’ll learn how:  Awareness of your physical being relates to elevation of consciousness Your subconscious mind can […]

The Tattvas, Kundalini Yoga & You – 027

Sat Nam, This episode dives deep into the interconnection between you and the cosmos, as well as the elements here on Earth.  It’s all about how to balance being a Spiritual being having a human, Earthly experience.  How can we use the Earthly elements to connect with the our True […]

Opportinity, Fear & Ego – 022

Welcome to the 22nd episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast! This episode starts as a conversation about opportunity and abundance, but quickly turns into a deep discussion about the ego, fear, and the tension between the spiritual and human aspects of ourselves.    In this episode we cover: What […]

The Sixth (Ajna) Chakra & Intuition – 021

Welcome to the 21st episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast! In this episode we talk about our FREE 5-Day Kundalini Yoga Essentials Course.  Click here to learn more and sign-up for that course. This episode is a continuation of our discussion of the chakras with our episode on the […]

The 5 Stages of a Spiritual Path

Welcome to episode 20 of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast! In this episode we announced our upcoming free 5 Day Challenge . In case you missed it, we are launching a free 5 Day challenge on April 23. Each day you will get a video showing you how to do 2 […]

Resist Dis-Ease With Kundalini Yoga – 017

Welcome to episode 17 of our podcast! In this episode we review the connection between Kundalini Yoga and wellness, and how you can use your attention to reduce the dis-ease that you feel in your life. At the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through a pranayam practice that […]