Balance Your Chakras with Kundalini Yoga

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home kundalini yoga practice you love

A regular Kundalini Yoga practice
is life-changing.  

Imagine what it would be like to

  • Let things roll off your back that used to bother you and stress you out
  • Stop taking on other people's emotions and energy
  • Tap into your natural source of energy - no caffeine or sugar needed
  • Take time for yourself without feeling guilty
  • Listen to and trust your intuition
  • Feel a sense of guidance, purpose, and flow in your life
  • Set healthy boundaries with the people, activities, and your to-do lists
  • Feel more connected to the Infinite that connects us all

These experiences are all possible with a regular Kundalini Yoga practice.

Your personal invitation from Jen & Ramtin. 

As great as a regular Kundalini Yoga practice sounds, it can be hard get started and stay consistent.

And that's where we come in. We have experienced profound personal shifts and growth through our yoga practice, and we want to share that experience with you!

So, we created a program so you can have a home Kundalini Yoga practice you love, too.

Whether you're new and want to practice once a week, or are ready for a daily practice, this is the program for you.


Attending classes at a studio can be inconvenient and intimidating, but practicing online can be unsupported and leave you wondering if you’re doing the practices correctly.

So, we created a program that has the guidance and connection of an in-person class, with the convenience and flexibility of online classes.

It’s like having a teacher in your home with you, walking you through the practices. And the best part is, you can do them whenever, wherever you want.

When you have questions or need support, we are there for you, too!

If you would love a home Kundalini Yoga practice, but want some support along the way- Balance Your Chakras with Kundalini Yoga is the perfect program for you.

Why the chakras?

Chakras are vortexes of energy in your body, and each one relates to emotions, behaviors, and relationship patterns in our lives.

Kundalini Yoga works with the chakras
to create balance and flow where there was imbalance and stagnation.


The chakras are the easiest way to understand how Kundalini Yoga works.

That’s why we included them- to de-mystify Kundalini Yoga, so you’ll feel more empowered and confident in your practice.

We specifically created this
program to give you:

  • A deep understanding of how Kundalini Yoga works
  • Lifetime access to complete Kundalini Yoga classes, taught by devoted teachers
  • Access to devoted teachers for encouragement, accountability and to answer your questions

so you can have a home practice you love

Everything You Need

Join us and get everything you need to confidently and conveniently practice Kundalini Yoga at home.

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Weekly Audio Recordings

Listen to an in-depth discussion about the chakra of the week each week. These recordings will lead to many a-ha moments about how your chakras show up in your life! You’ll also learn ways to balance your chakras on and off your mat, so you can proactively break patterns that are no longer serving you.


Weekly Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes

Practice a complete Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class each week as we walk you step-by-step through the exercises and mantras so feel safe and supported.  
You can do these practices wherever, whenever it’s convenient for you and come back to them again and again.


Weekly Cheat Sheets + Journal Pages

Complete Journal Pages and Reference Cheat Sheets each week to deeply integrate the teachings and practices.
You’ll be able to referring to these printables to support your learning for years to come.

As well as a:


Private Facebook Group

Engage in discussions, ask questions, and get support from your fellow students and from us in the private Balance Your Chakras Facebook Group.
We also have a few surprise Facebook Lives planned!


Live Group Meditation

Level-up your meditation experience with this live (online) Group Meditation. The group energy will amplify your meditative experience and make the time fly-by!

AND 3 chakra-balancing bonuses:


BONUS #1: Guided Visualization

Get to know your chakras with this short, guided visualization to clear and balance the chakras. You can listen to first thing in the morning, or as you fall asleep at night.


BONUS #2: Balance Your Chakras with Crystals

Learn how to strengthen and balance your chakras with crystals in this expert interview with Anjale Perrault from Raise Your Vibe.


BONUS #3: Chanting the Chakra Mantras

Experience the mantra that resonates each chakra in this expert interview with Peter DeBellis from Seventh Chakra Yoga.


Lifetime access means these teachings will be the backbone of your practice for years to come!

We know you’ll love these teachings, so we guarantee it.

10-Day Money Back Guarantee

What our glowing students have to say:


"I signed-up for the chakra program and it was life changing. I'm astonished at how easily I can handle stress and setbacks now- It has been the best investment I have ever made online.

I feel like Ramtin and Jen are right there in the room with me, holding my hand every step of the way. They are full of integrity and authenticity, and are the best teachers to learn Kundalini Yoga from online. I am bouncing out of my bed in the mornings to do my practice.

- Gauri Chande

Gauri explains why the program is
'priceless' and 'life-changing'.


“When I practice with Ramtin I feel the layers peeling away as I get to know my true self. I go through the rest of my day with a peaceful, light heart. I love that he makes students feel supported, connected, and not in over our heads.“

- Deann McDanials from This Soul's Journey


"Jen brings a calm confidence and joyful, loving spirit to her teaching. Her vast knowledge and experience provides comprehensive guidance and encouragement to me as I'm learning Kundalini Yoga."

- Christine Mackerer from Raise Your Vibe


Balance Your Chakras 

is a great value. 

What You Get

Value (USD)

Weekly Audio Recordings:


Weekly Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes:


Weekly Cheat Sheets + Journal Pages:


Private Facebook Group:


Live Group Meditation:


BONUS #1: Guided Visualization:


BONUS #2: Balance Your Chakras with Crystals:


BONUS #3: Experience the Chakra Mantras:


That's $828 USD of chakra-balancing, Kundalini-rising content for $497 USD

- a 40% savings!

We start Monday, 5/13 so sign-up now!

(Last day to sign-up is Saturday, 5/11). 

Want a home Kundalini practice you love?

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Check out or Frequently Asked Questions.

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No problem! All the teachings and classes are recorded and available to you for lifetime access. Do what you can during the program, and complete the rest at a pace that works for you. We are all at different places in our practice: some are looking for a weekly practice and some for a daily practice. You get to choose and commit to what feels good to you!

There is not price that can be put on the benefits of a consistent Kundalini Yoga, but lifetime access to all the teachings in the Balance Your Chakras program is a great deal if you consider all you get for the investment. In fact, if you replace paid classes with the program, you’ll eventually save money!

Plus, here are 4 reasons this program is better than free online classes:

  • You get access to devoted teachers to get feedback support, and modifications from. This allows you to integrate the teachings and have a home practice that is safe and supported.


  • The group energy of the program will give you accountability and support you can’t get elsewhere. All your intentions and benefits from your practice will be magnified by everyone else in the program.


  • By making a financial investment, you’re more likely to follow-through with your commitment and make time to practice.


  • This course gives you a deep understanding of how Kundalini Yoga works with the chakras, which you can’t get anywhere else online.

Yes! This program is great for beginners. We demonstrate each pose and meditation in detail, so you’ll know exactly what to do. We are also available in the Facebook Group to answer your questions, and give you all the support you need.

No worries- perfection isn’t required! You’ll still get great results because Kundalini Yoga works by opening and balancing your energetic, nervous, and glandular systems- not by getting into the exact right shape. We also offer modifications for the more challenging exercises in the classes and can provide additional modifications in the Facebook Group.

Then Kundalini meditations are perfect for you! In Kundalini Yoga we focus the mind on something, like a mantra or an eye position, so you don’t have to keep it quiet. In Kundalini Yoga, the quieting of the mind happens naturally after the meditation, not during it.

No- the style of Kundalini Yoga that we teach is safe for all students. We teach in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga from India to the West in the 60s. His goal was to create as many teachers as possible, so he only taught practices that were safe for all levels of experience.

Still have questions?  Email them to 

Our Mission

You may have noticed an increased intensity and pressure in the world around us: some people are becoming more sensitive and conscious and others are responding with deep fear and insecurity.  Cultural norms and values are shifting quickly.

Yoga teachings inform us that we are going through a shifting of ages, moving from a time ruled by competition and secrets to one of compassion and collaboration. 

That is why we created Heart Centered Revolution.   We believe that each human being is responsible for developing his or her own consciousness and living from the heart, ensuring we evolve as a species. 

If you feel Kundalini Yoga will help you access your inner peace and inner guidance system as we roll through this turbulent transition, join the Balance Your Chakras program by clicking the button below. We would be honored to be your guides in this part of your journey!

Want a home Kundalini practice you love?

Click below to join the program and
immediately get your Guided Visualization.

Whether you join the program or not, 
we love you and are cheering on your soul’s journey. 

With abundant love, 

Jen & Ramtin

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