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5 Tips to Start Meditating Daily

Most people now recognize the benefits of daily meditation, but few are able to follow-through with it, so here are 5 Tips to Having a Daily Meditation Practice from to yoga teachers. Tip 1: Set an intention. Think about one of the benefits of meditating daily, and set that as […]

Deschool Yourself

At least for a weekend. Last week I attended a fascinating talk about Gifted Unschooling,  which is when parents take their gifted and exceptional children out of traditional school and keep them at home for “self-directed” learning.  That is, the children decide what they would like to learn about and the parents facilitate […]

Attachment vs. Awareness

I have a confession: my mind is compulsive, excitable, anxious and ATTACHED to outcome.  My ego creates an expectation, and then my subconscious attaches some monstrous, earth-shattering meaning to it that operates just below my conscious thoughts but guides and motivates them nonetheless. This subliminal equation seems to be something […]

How to Burn and Release

Burn & release is an amazing way to let go of negativity and help yourself be open to receive.   If you are going through a tough time or feel stuck in your growth in a particular area of your life, burn and release can help create miracles.  It is […]