Crush Your Ego By Doing This One Thing

I was relaxing in down dog during a vinyasa class today, and the teacher warned us we were warming up to do some balancing postures, because most people are not that good at them, and it is good to do things you are not good at: It is an immediate ego-crusher.

The truth of that statement washed over me and I wanted to come out of my pose to write it down and submit it to memory. As many people do, I tend to avoid things that I am not good at and that do not bring me pleasure- but where is the growth in that? I have learned over the past couple years- largely through the help of Heart Centered Revolution- to do things I would not consider myself good at. When I do my ego arises with criticism and brings along with it feelings of doubt and questioning my self-worth, but that is an opportunity to look at those things.

That doubt and insecurity did not arise overnight, it is there lurking in shadows. Doing something you do not think you are good at is a great ego-revealer, and thus an opportunity to address the stories, beliefs and actions that support anything other than the belief that you are a perfect expression of the Infinite.

My challenge to you today is to do something you think you are bad at: sing, dance, cook, draw, meditate, tree pose, it can be anything. Then notice what thoughts and feelings arise, and let them float away and try to bring some humor to the situation.

You are absolutely perfect expression of who you are supposed to be, in this moment, in your life; and it does not matter if you don’t do tree pose like your neighbor in class or sing a song like Snatam. Yogi Bhajan himself was often criticized for singing off-key, and his response was that there was no “right” key to sing in: you have yours and I have mine.

So, as long as you put the heart and soul into your whatever you are doing, then you are doing it “right” and you can tell your ego to have a rest so you can enjoy the stretching of learning something new.

With love,

Jen & Ramtin

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