Deschool Yourself

slider 1024 250At least for a weekend.

Last week I attended a fascinating talk about Gifted Unschooling,  which is when parents take their gifted and exceptional children out of traditional school and keep them at home for “self-directed” learning.  That is, the children decide what they would like to learn about and the parents facilitate this learning via internet, libraries, college courses, and local mentors in their fields of interest.

As controversial and intriguing an idea as Unschooling is, it was the process of Deschooling I was most drawn to.  Deschooling is a period of time where- after removing their kids from school- parents and kids take some time to decompress and re-evaluate all of their assumptions about the learning process engrained though the status quo.  Does learning really require worksheets? Does it have to happen between 8:30-3:00? Do children need to sit still in order to absorb information?

I became aware I didn’t even realize I had assumptions and biases regarding education (i.e., Public School- not great for outliers, Homeschooling/ Unschooling- not great for anyone) because I had never actively thought about an alternative.  This experience of questioning my assumptions and considering another way to think about or approach something is one of my favorite experiences.  I can literally feel my brain firing in new and exciting ways when my worldview shifts in response to a conversation, documentary, or significant meditation.  And now I have a word for it: Deschooling.

So my challenge to you: ‘Deschool’ yourself, even if just for a weekend.  Question some part of your life in great detail.  Look up information about other ways to do it, meditate on it, get creative, think out of the box and take no “that’s just the way its done” reasons as valid.  Note what aspects of your life are habit or done out of true joy, passion, and choice.  Let me know what you come up with.


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