The Tattvas, Kundalini Yoga & You – 027

Sat Nam,

This episode dives deep into the interconnection between you and the cosmos, as well as the elements here on Earth.  It’s all about how to balance being a Spiritual being having a human, Earthly experience.  How can we use the Earthly elements to connect with the our True selves.  Towards the end there is a pranayam practice that is the foundational pranayam practice of life- everyone should know it!  We also share in the episode that you can learn more fundamentals Kundalini Yoga with our FREE Kundalini Yoga Essentials course. 


Links mentioned in this episode: 


Listen to the episode you get a:

  • A great overview of how the planets affect us

  • Description of how the tattvas (5 elements) are a part of who you are

  • 2 ways to use the tattvas to connect to your highest self and live from the heart (this is Heart Centered Revolution after all)! 

  • Jen’s honest take on astrology, and how to connect with celestial bodies even if your skeptical of Astrology

AND, at the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through a 3-minute guided practice of one of the most foundational breathing practices in Kundalini Yoga.  It has too many benefits to list here- but we list them in the episode! 

And then we share that you can learn more foundational practices in the Kundalini Yoga tradition with our free Kundalini Yoga Essentials course.  When you sign-up, every day for 5 days you get a quick 20-minute video teaching you how to correctly do the foundational practices in Kundalini Yoga.  

Some of the practices included are: 

  • Breath of Fire
  • Stretch Pose
  • Ego Eradicator
  • Sat Kriya
  • Long Ek Ong Kaars (aka, Morning Chant)

Sound good?  Click here to sign-up. 


Free course not for you? 

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With Love,

Jen & Ramtin

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