Welcome to the 34th episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast,
all about how Kundalini Yoga helps you get your subconscious mind out of survival mode.

This podcast episode explains how Kundalini Yoga helps you rise above the default settings of the subconscious mind, so you can get out of survival mode and tap into your powers as a conscious creator.  At the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through a Kundalini Yoga pranayam called Build Your Own Excellence, a great way to rise up to a challenges at hand.  This pranayam meditation is going to build you up, and anything that elevates you above where you currently are is going to feel a little uncomfortable and challenging.   To learn more, just listen to episode above, or keep reading…

The #1 goal and automatic setting for our subconscious mind is Survival.  Most of us have to make intentional effort to get out of survival mode and ancient programming to be able to tap into our intuitive guidance and into our power as co-creators of our own experience.

When you’re in survival mode, it can be difficult to get clear answers to our deepest questions, but when you practice Kundalini Yoga there is an opportunity for you to listen deeply to a voice within you that is not filtered through the subconscious mind.  

Whatever your deepest burning questions are, the answers are all within you.  You just have to tap into the intelligence within you that resides outside of your subconscious mind.  Practicing Kundalini Yoga and balancing your lower chakras will create a foundation for you to get into the state of deep listening that brings intelligent guidance.

With the practice of Kundalini Yoga we’re clearing the pathways by moving the energy that resides in every cell through the movement of the body, sound, holding certain locks and postures, through your intention and imagination, and through our breath.

As we awaken our body with kriya and meditation, and then relax into silence, we allow answers and our innate intelligence to speak to us.  In fact, it is always speaking to us but with the practice of Kundalini Yoga we quiet the body and mind enough that we can actually hear it.

You apply yourself during the practice, and then you trust your body to intelligently use the energy you created to give you what you need.

At that moment when you let go in surrender and acceptance, notice what comes into your mind and you will gain clarity and get answers to asked and unasked. And the answers that come to you during your practice come not through your faulty mind and subconscious, but through your heart, gut, and soul.

All of this: the messages you receive from your  body, your connection to the higher consciousness, the modern and ancient memories all reside within your subconscious mind.  It is the most powerful aspect of your mind power, but your subconscious mind can also appear to work against you if you’re not working with it to rise above it’s survival mode and into a conscious creator mode.

One of the best ways you can do that is to Intentionally clear your subconscious mind through a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.   If you haven’t started one yet, join our FREE 5-Day introduction to Kundalini Yoga program here, or our 10-day Kirtan Kriya meditation program here.

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