Welcome to the 36th episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast,
all about how Kundalini Yoga connects us to the subtle aspects of ourselves, and how we can use that connection to get guidance in our lives.

This episode teaches how Kundalini Yoga enhances our connection to the subtle aspects of ourselves and the Universe, and how we can create a Spiritual support network with that new-found awareness.  At the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through a pranayam that is healing, energizing, and uplifting.  Listen to the episode above, or read on to learn more. 

When we want to accomplish something or have a project at hand, personal work work related, we always have certain go-to people that we tend to or go to.  For example, when you need new tires you go to a dealership you trust, ask a friend for a recommendation, check Google.  If you need your windows tinted you would do the same thing, use the same resources to get what you need.  

Cosmically you can do the same thing.  You can create the guides and the support system and ‘personnel’ to bring you what you need. That is one of the great benefits of Kundalini Yoga, and other Spiritual practices: to get in greater connection with and become more aware of our subtle aspects of who we are and the elements around us.

We create a relationship with our body, with our mind and with the consciousness that exists beyond our physical body and mind; connecting with the Universal Conscious. And through that consciousness we can call on and connect with any entity, and deity, and ascended masters, anything you want to create.  You can be the CEO of your own Spiritual Support System.  But, in order to do this you have to own the Authority within you, your power.  

As spiritual people we may have negative connotations to the word Power and Authority, but it’s important that we re-define these words for ourselves, and also with our higher power.  To create a positive association with your own power and Authority in your life.

What makes us different as human beings is the heart brain and heart center we have to feel, to have compassion and to access the information of our emotions. The true manifestations we create come through the heart center, with the mind as a tool to serve the heart. In fact, the functionality of your organs (including your brain) serves your heart.

This creates a shift in understanding. Instead of thinking that you’re being controlled by your subconscious, your emotions, others or even the cosmos, you gain control by creating that relationship.  You’re powerful because you are a part of the Higher Consciousness, not apart from it.  When you align with your heart, you become a channel of the Higher Consciousness and can manifest what you desire. 

The Free Will that you have also resides in your heart center.  That’s what makes you the unique being that you are.  You truly are at the front line of creation and using your body to feel Source energy. You are a conscious being and the emotions you have are unique to you. 

When you accept this connection, even the limitations of the Earthly world become joyful.  You realize they’re actually not limitations, you’re not imprisoned by them. You give yourself permission to enjoy the Earthly life as you keep awareness of the connection to your higher self.  So, continue to talk to them and ask them for anything that you want and believe that anything is possible. 

Whew, that was a lot for one episode!  Towards the end we also shared that for the next month we’re going to regularly share 3-10 minute videos on Instagram and Facebook, kind of like mini-episodes of the podcast.  Check them out here on Instagram or here on Facebook.

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With Abundant Love, 

Jen & Ramtin

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