Welcome to the 39th episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast,
all about how a regular spiritual practice, or sadhana, can transform your experience as a spiritual being having a human experience.


This episode teaches how a regular spiritual practice helps to clear your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and to help connect to the divine aspects of yourself.  At the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through a pranayam to energize and increase focus.  Listen to the episode above, or read on to learn more.

“Through sadhana, we truly cleanse, rewrite and pave our pathway for our future.  We rewrite the programming of the subconscious mind.”
– Ramtin 

Sadhana is your spiritual practice between your Earthly self and the Higher self or God-self.

Sadhana helps you to create more balance, more calm and stable mindset.  That by itself is huge for your wellbeing, for your success, for your prosperity, for your growth, for your achievements.

We re-write the programming in the subconscious mind.  We allow the vibrational frequency within ourselves to take shift.  We connect with our higher self very purely, effectively, and consciously.  Sadhana gives you a new life, a new perspective to life, and allows you to create life the way you deserve to have it.

As you come to value the discipline that this practice brings you, and what you can do with your physical body as you experience this time and space on the planet, you can experience a major transformation that you can’t achieve without a physical body.  Once you understand, accept, believe, and know this, then that comes to a certain feeling within the body and through the emotions then it will be real for you.  Then it will be recorded in your subconscious mind, and it will be with you in future lifetimes.

What you are doing here when you are doing sadhana is clearing many life cycles, it clears your consciousness at many levels.

Everything is vibrating, everything is energy, and the Source energy that started all of this, is within every thing.  Otherwise it would not exist.

We are here on Earth to expand our consciousness.   We become an extension of that Source, not a separate entity.  Understanding these things opens up the forum for all belief systems that exist, all religions that exist, to come together and speak the same language.  There are so many commonalities between all these different religions.

Practicing sadhana is a start.  Keeping the practice is the way you continue on the path.  Becoming deeper and deeper into your practice, devoting yourself to your practice allows you to take you to yourself.

The transformation starts with your sadhana.  You can get to the point where  your wellbeing will maintain and be protected despite what is going on around you.  You will be able to stay steady.

If you’d like support establishing your own sadhana practice, we have two great options for you!  

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With Abundant Love,

Jen & Ramtin

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