The Fourth (Anahata) Chakra & Joyful Living- 015

Welcome to the 15th episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast!

With this episode, we are continuing our discussion of the chakras with our episode on the Fourth Chakra. (The prior episodes in this series are not necessary to enjoy this episode, but if you want to you can Click here to listen to Episode 6 about the Chakra System, Click here to listen to Episode 7 about the First Chakra, and Click here to listen to Episode 9 about the Second Chakra, and Click here to listen to Episode 13 about the Third Chakra).

This episode includes a deep dive into the fourth chakra, including why we think it is so special, and how it relates to living a joyful life.

At the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through a pranayam practice that balances two of the major energy pathways in the body- it is an incredibly powerful practice.

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With Love,
Jen & Ramtin

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