Why Heart Centered Revolution?

You may have noticed an increased intensity and pressure in the world around us: that people are becoming more sensitive and conscious, and time seems to be speeding up.   

People are yearning to connect with something bigger than themselves and the American Dream that has been sold as the path to happiness.  Cultural norms and values are shifting quickly: more and more people are demanding to know the truth, and the internet has started to level the field between those in power and those without.

Yoga teachings inform us that we are going through a shifting of ages, moving from a time ruled by competition and secrets to one of compassion and collaboration.  This shift to the Aquarian Age can be felt in the increased stress, pressure, and intensity in the world around us.  

We’re witnessing this evolution, from the guarded, strategic, planned way of life, to a new, heart-centered, intuitive, loving, and collaborative way of life.  

Here at Heart Centered Revolutions, we are working to raise our consciousness and creative abilities to help manifest a more heart-centered and balanced world than the one that exists today. We need tools like meditation and mindfulness to elevate our consciousness, live from the heart, and ensure the elevation of the human species

That is why we created Heart Centered Revolution.   We believe that each human being is responsible for developing his or her own consciousness and living from the heart, ensuring we evolve as a species. 

We have been studying many practices that have taught us how to embody our natural, powerful, intuitive state that comes with being a spiritual being having a human experience.  It is our aim to share the information, practices, and tools we have learned, so you, too, can begin the path of living consciously and fearlessly from the heart

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With Abundant Love,
Jen & Ramtin Pourvasei

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