How to Burn and Release

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Burn & release is an amazing way to let go of negativity and help yourself be open to receive.   If you are going through a tough time or feel stuck in your growth in a particular area of your life, burn and release can help create miracles.  It is a beautiful cycle of taking the energy of thoughts and emotions, putting it into the physical form of paper, and then turning it back into the energetic realm of smoke, while asking the energetic realm to help you release. 

Ramtin and I do burn and release on the Full Moon and New Moon, to make sure we do it at least twice a month and to use the energy that is available to release and set intentions at those times.  You can always do it more frequently: there was a time when I did burn and release daily (sometimes more than once a day) because I was going through a lot of transitions and needed to shed some of my old stories about myself.

Here is our burn and release from last Christmas, which was also a Full Moon.


There is no real right and wrong way to do it, but if you are just starting, here are some basic steps:

1. Gather your materials:
pen, paper, match or lighter, fire safe container (we use an old ceramic pot)

2. Clear your mind and space.
Sit somewhere relaxing and comfortable, in silence or with some relaxing music playing. 

3. Write out what you would like to release.
We use the prompt “I release….” and then just write what you would like to let go of.  This can be as general as “doubt and fear,” or as specific as “the guilt I felt when I received an overdraft charge last week.”  It also can be a few words, or several paragraphs.  This is where you can use your intuition about what you need in this moment.  It might surprise you what is on your mind just below the surface.

4. Write out what you would like to receive.
You can do this on the bottom of the same page as the above, or when I am writing a lot I will write what I want to release on the front and what I want to receive on the back.  We use the prompt, “I receive the truth that….”  You can use the prompt and free write from there, often in response to what you would like to release (i.e., release feelings of being unlovable, receive the truth that you are worthy of love and that you are deeply and unconditionally loved).  Again, this can be as specific or general as you feel is right for you in the moment.

5. Read what you wrote.
This is the best part! Go to your safe-to-burn place and bring to mind an angel, spirit, or energy that resonates with you.   If you are not in touch with angels and spirits, no problem, you can bring to mind an energetic vibration such as love or peace, or even call upon your own soul, or highest self.  Bring that energy to mind and imagine or feel their vibration in your presence.  Then, speaking to that energy or vibration, read what you have written and ask them to help you release the stories that are not true, and receive the truth of the matter.  I find that reading aloud is more effective, but sometimes it is nice to be quiet and read the words to myself. 

6. Burn & Release.
When you are finished reading your words, burn the paper.  I find it helpful to twist the paper into a spiral so it stays lit, and then place the burning paper in a fire-safe container and watch the paper burn until the fire is out.  Send some thoughts of gratitude to whichever energetic guide you chose to speak to.

7. Check-in with yourself.
If you are sensitive and the issue you are trying to release is emotional for you, you may feel a shift right away.  However, most of the time, Ramtin and I notice a couple days later that something feels different, or lighter, for us, and then we realize it was a result of the burn and release.

It can also be fun to do around a campfire if you are camping, or have a fire in the fireplace at home.

If you have never done burn and release before, you can click here to download the Burn and Release Quick Guide + Template, with simplified instructions and a template you can use to write down what you want to release and receive.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with burn and release in the comments below, as well as any tweaks you made to the process to make it your own.

Happy releasing,

Jen & Ramtin

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