Today’s Affirmation: I Am Enjoying the Process

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It is hard to comprehend how fast life is flying by me now.  Whether it’s the Aquarian Age, my age, or just how it goes when you are running a business and trying to keep up with loved ones.  I am in a building stage: laying the foundation for a family, building a business, and building a relationship.  There are many exciting things ahead, but it is easy to focus too intensely on those.  It is easy to treat dishes, creating contacts, and making dinner as a chore rather than something I enjoy.  It

I am enjoying the process.

I am enjoying the process.

is easy to rush through the day trying to get everything done and achieve my goals and forget to enjoy it.  Forget that I enjoy it.   But then there will just be another goal and another day with a to-do list that is longer than the day is.


When I can shift out of focusing on the outcome, and just be present, it all changes.  When I can take a breath and really be present with my clients, while I do notes, or am talking to a friend, rather than thinking about all of the things I wanted to do but did not have time for, I feel calm and steady and joyful.  I can stop the running commentary  in my mind and focus on the present moment, and am struck by how much I am enjoying it.  I enjoy this building of a life.  I enjoy not knowing exactly what the future holds.  I love my chosen profession and the wonderful people in my life.  And I have the power; a choice.  I can choose whether I focus on and stress over my intended outcomes, or whether I focus on and enjoy the thousands of little steps, setbacks, and successes that will get me there (or wherever I actually end up).  So my new affirmation is this: I am enjoying the process.

Whether this affirmation is a reminder or a goal for you, may it help you enjoy your current momentum (big or small!) and building of things that currently unseen in your life.


Love & Light,


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