Meditations on ‘The Mind’ I: The Aquarian Age

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The Mind

Ever wonder where those automatic thoughts pop into your mind from?  Or why some feel like creative, divine intuition and some feel like a recording set on repeat?  The book ‘The Mind’ by Yogi Bhajan is brimming with insights on the intermingling of the mind, soul, and ego.  It is so dense it is best read in spurts, letting bits of knowledge transform your understanding slowly over time.

The Aquarian Age

‘The Mind’ starts with a discussion of The Aquarian Age.  An awareness of the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age is imperative to understanding the importance of Kundalini Yoga philosophy and is at the heart of Heart Centered Revolution.

If you have paid attention over the past few years, you will have noticed a shift in consciousness as people are becoming more aware of subtle energy and the connectedness of everything.  You also will have noticed the exponential increase in the amount of information bombarding us, and how some people rise to the challenge and some are overwhelmed and acting out accordingly.  This is the Aquarian Age.  The simultaneous increase in sensitivity and stimuli will create overwhelm and for people who do not connect to the Infinite nature within and around them.

Enter Kundalini Yoga.  When asked how human beings can thrive through the drastic shift in consciousness, Yogi Bhajan provided the 5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age:

1. Recognize that the other person is you.

In order to thrive in a time where there are so many ways to distance and disconnect from others, we must surpass seeing ourselves in others.  We must recognize that the fate of others is our own.

2. There is a way through every block.

In these times we must recognize blocks as creations of the mind, collective fear, or as opportunities to prove commitment to our intentions. Whatever the block is, have faith that there is a way through it, and that path will make itself clear when the time is right.

3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.

The overwhelming increase in stimuli associated with the Aquarian Age can lead to procrastination or stagnation, which will build pressure the further you act out of accordance with your soul’s intentions.  When it is the time to do something, do it, and the pressure will release.

4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.

The Piscean Age values of information and competition have served their purpose; now it is imperative that we prioritize compassion and collaboration to overcome the challenges facing our species.

5. Vibrate the Cosmos.  The Cosmos will clear the path.

Every atom in the universe has a certain vibration.  If you elevate your vibration to that of your intention, the Universe will deliver to you.

These sutras are invaluable as daily challenges arise.  Write them down, share them, keep them close to your heart.  They are a kind of roadmap through the rapid societal changes we will experience in the coming decades.

Kundalini Yoga Sutras for the Aquarian Age

Kundalini Yoga Sutras for the Aquarian Age

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