Kundalini Yoga Q & A (Part II) – 011

Sat Nam and welcome to the (2nd!) very special Kundalini Yoga Q&A episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast!

In case you missed it: we asked students in class, online, and through our podcast for questions about Kundalini Yoga, and we created a 2 episode series answering those questions.  This episode is Part II of that series.  (Click here to listen to Part I, Episode 10.)

Part II includes answers to the following questions:

How does Kundalini Yoga understand gender and transgender persons?

Why is relaxation so important in Kundalini Yoga?

Why do I get so hot during Kundalini meditation?

What does it mean to “look up” and to “look at your nose?”

I love Kundalini Yoga music- how do I learn more about it and where can I find it?

At the end of  the episode Jen leads you through a pranayam to strengthen your immune system, and we reference our FREE 10 Days of Kirtan Kriya program. If you would like to participate you can Click here to learn more, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page to enroll today.

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And, you can catch up on the questions you missed in Part I by Clicking Here.

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With Love,
Jen & Ramtin

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