Kundalini Yoga Q & A (Part I) – 010

Sat Nam and welcome to the very special Kundalini Yoga Q&A episodes of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast!

We got such a great response from our listeners and students, that we decided to make a Part I (Episode 10) and Part II (Episode 11- click here to listen) so we could answer all the common questions, and still include a pranayam for each.

In both episodes we reference the FREE 10 Days of Kirtan Kriya program that we have available on our website. If you would like to participate you can Click here to learn more, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page to enroll today.

In Kundalini Yoga Q & A: Part I (Episode 010) we answer the following questions:

What is Kundalini Yoga & how is it different from other types of yoga?

Who is Yogi Bhajan and how does he relate to Kundalini Yoga?

Why do people wear white when they practice Kundalini Yoga and as a student do I have to?

Why is God mentioned in Kundalini Yoga music and classes when it is not a religion?

Once we answer those questions, Jen leads you through a 3 Part Yogic Breath pranayam practice and Jen explains what is included in the FREE 10 Day Kirtan Kriya meditation program.

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To find out what questions we answer in Part II, Episode 11, click here to learn and listen.

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With Love,
Jen & Ramtin

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