Mantra, Meditation, and the Three Minds- 003

Sat Nam and welcome to Episode 3 of our podcast- we are so honored to have you here.

In this episode, we use the discussion from one of Ramtin’s yoga classes as the starting point of a conversation about mantra, meditation and the three minds.

The three minds are an important part of yoga anatomy. The three minds is the clarification of the three functions of our mind: the positive mind, negative mind, and neutral mind.

In this episode we explore how these minds work, and how you can work them. We discuss how the minds can at times provide clarity, and at other times provide confusion.

Toward the end of the podcast (28:48), I lead you through a 3-minute pranayam (breath) practice of Breath of Fire and discuss the many benefits of the practice, including its capacity to expand your auric field.

At the end of the podcast, I review the free mini-workbook Balancing the Three Minds. You can use this workbook to get to know your three minds better, or to help you align with your neutral mind, so it can check-in with your soul, negative, and positive minds in order to gain clarity on a particular situation. The 3 page workbook that includes:

  • a table explaining the functions of the positive, negative and neutral mind
  • a step-by-step guide through meditating and journaling steps you can take to explore your positive, negative and neutral mind
  • a printable worksheet you can use to journal the messages you receive from you positive, negative, and neutral minds

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