The 5 Stages of a Spiritual Path

Welcome to episode 20 of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast!

In this episode we announced our upcoming free 5 Day Challenge Click Here to Sign Up. In case you missed it, we are launching a free 5 Day challenge on April 23. Each day you will get a video showing you how to do 2 or more techniques from the most effective and efficient practices in Kundalini Yoga. Click here to learn more.

This episode is unique in that it is not a recording of a live class. In this episode Jen breaks down the 5 stages of of spiritual development so you can know where you are. This helps you know what the common pitfalls of your stage are, and how best to progress to the next one.

Jen also cover the 4 fallacies that are common on the spiritual path, which all stem from the ego taking over the spiritual path.

Towards the end Jen leads you through a series of breathing techniques that is intended to balance the blood and your mental state; it moved a lot of energy for me so I am curious how it will be for you!

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With Love,
Jen & Ramtin

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