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FREE 5-Day Introductory Course

Join our free 5-day introductory course to learn the fundamental practices in Kundalini Yoga, including detailed instructions on tuning-in, doing Breath of Fire and Sat Kriya.  

This is perfect for beginners to Kundalini Yoga, and for more experienced practitioners who want to make sure they’re doing the basics correctly. 

FREE 10-Day Meditation Program

Join our free 10-day introductory program to learn how to do Kirtan Kriya, one of the most effective mediations in Kundalini Yoga.  This program includes a detailed instructional video, and daily guided meditations for 10 days.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the power of a regular, home meditation practice.  

Fully supported 40-Day Sadhana

Join HCR’s 40-Day Sadhana to get everything you need to complete your first (or next) 40-day practice.  We’re with you every step of the way, providing accountability and encouragement. This program includes a compete Kundalini Yoga practice, as well as instructions on how to make the practice fit into your busy schedule.

HCR’s 40-Day Sadhana is perfect for you’ve been practicing here and there, but are ready to experience what Kundalini Yoga really has to offer. 

Deepen your experience of Kundalini Yoga

Join HCR’s Chakra Class Series for a depth and breadth of experience with Kundalini Yoga.   You get 7 full-length classes, with detailed instructions and modifications.  You can revisit these classes again and again, making them the backbone of your home Kundalini Yoga practice. 

HCR’s Chakra Class Series is for you if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your energetic self, and the practice of Kundalini Yoga.  

With Love, 
Jen & Ramtin