The Sixth (Ajna) Chakra & Intuition – 021

Welcome to the 21st episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast!

In this episode we talk about our FREE 5-Day Kundalini Yoga Essentials Course.  Click here to learn more and sign-up for that course.

This episode is a continuation of our discussion of the chakras with our episode on the Sixth (Ajna) Chakra. This episode discusses how the sixth chakra is connected with the third eye, pineal gland, and intuition.

At the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through a pranayam practice to help slow the breath gradually so you can gain more control over your mind and emotions.

The prior episodes in this series are not necessary to enjoy this episode, but you can listen to them here:

Episode 6 about the Chakra System
Episode 7 about the First Chakra
Episode 9 about the Second Chakra
Episode 13 about the Third Chakra
Episode 15 about the Fourth Chakra
Episode 18 about the Fifth Chakra

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With Love,
Jen & Ramtin

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