Spiritual Counseling with ramtin

Do you feel a deep longing for something, or a Knowing that your life can have more fulfillment, but are having a hard time getting there?

You can manifest your deepest desires and longings – once your subconscious mind is in alignment with those desires.  With tools from Kundalini Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Counseling, and various Spiritual traditions,Ramtin can help you get your mind, body, and spirit in alignment, so you can watch your desires come to be with ease and grace. 

Spiritual Counseling is a space where you can be real about how you’re doing, get clear on your vision for your life, and be honest with yourself about where you feel stuck.

You’ll receive insight, teachings, and experiences to help you release the subconscious programs that are no longer serving you, improve your connection to your own inner guidance, and learn to trust and follow that guidance.  

You’ll leave each session with an exercise or practice to keep momentum between sessions, and as a reminder you’re not on your journey alone.

If you’re ready to move through what’s in front of you by
digging deeper into what’s within you, then Spiritual Counseling is for you.

Ramtin has experience helping clients get clear and motivated about their life’s purpose, develop more rewarding relationships, increase abundance, manage stress, anxiety and depression, and regain a sense of connection to Self and Spirit. 

With certifications in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and experience in additional various healing modalities, Ramtin will use his  entire toolbox during your sessions, custom tailoring your counseling and follow-up practices to honor your unique personal journey.

What Ramtin’s clients have to say: 

Not only did working with Ramtin help me while we were working together, but it also planted a seed that grows as the years go by. 
I like how he spent the time to really find out about my anxiety and how much he listened and helped me open my perspective to other angles.
His approach was holistic and brought psychology, spirituality and hypnotherapy together
I started working with Ramtin because I had feelings that I wanted to let go of.  I wanted to let go of a lot things.  Working with Ramtin was a start of a new path for me, it opened the door to my spiritual journey. He made me feel comfortable from the beginning and I appreciate his knowledge and could tell he put his heart into working with me.
I wanted to reduce my anxiety levels so I could lead a more comfortable life and
I didn’t know much about Spiritual Counseling but I heard of all the success Ramtin was having with various patients so I decided to try.
After working with Ramtin I’m more independent, relaxed and more comfortable with my anxieties, and I think more positively.
My goal for working with Ramtin was knowing my inner self, altering addictive patterns, knowing the cause of that so I can heal overtime. After working with Ramtin I felt I tuned in more into who I am and learned more about myself. Ramtin has a genuine, kind spirit who wants to help. His presence is everything. I felt that he genuinely cared about me.

**All Spiritual Counseling is 30% off as we move through COVID-19 together. 

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With Love, 
Jen & Ramtin