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It was so fun to do the interview with my friend Kim from ModernBliss.org and I wanted to share a little snippet of it.  (For anyone who doesn’t know, Sat Nam is commonly used mantra and greeting in Kundalini Yoga, meaning ‘the truth is my name’): WHAT DOES SAT NAM  MEAN […]

Yoga & Spirituality: Jen McNally’s Interview With ModernBliss.org

I have a confession: my mind is compulsive, excitable, anxious and ATTACHED to outcome.  My ego creates an expectation, and then my subconscious attaches some monstrous, earth-shattering meaning to it that operates just below my conscious thoughts but guides and motivates them nonetheless. This subliminal equation seems to be something […]

Attachment vs. Awareness

A tough, confronting, no-holds-barred bitch who does not back down.  Awareness has shown me with unrelenting clarity how I am responsible for the draining emotional roller coaster I have been on the past three months.  Other than my time with clients- which is when I feel most connected to myself- […]

Awareness is a Bitch: A Cautionary Tale

Reflections on Self-Compassion
I first learned about the concept of consciously choosing self-compassion at a conference I was at a few years ago.  Sylvia Boorstein was giving a talk much like YouTube.  She was describing her mind’s response to an argument she had, which went something like this: “…this person said this to me, […]

Reflections on Self-Compassion