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My favorite Yogi Bhajan quote comes from the Patience Pays prayer. I wanted to spread the love. What’s your favorite yoga quote?   Patience Pays affirmation: Audio (can be purchased at Spirit Voyage): Text: “Patience pays. Wait. Let the hand of God work for you. The One who has created […]

“Dwell in God and befriend your soul.”- Yogi Bhajan

The Mind Ever wonder where those automatic thoughts pop into your mind from?  Or why some feel like creative, divine intuition and some feel like a recording set on repeat?  The book ‘The Mind’ by Yogi Bhajan is brimming with insights on the intermingling of the mind, soul, and ego.  It is so dense […]

Meditations on ‘The Mind’ I: The Aquarian Age

5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age
Yogi Bhajan left us the 5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age to guide use through these hectic, crazy times, and back to our highest selves.  Apply them to your life to live more consciously and in the flow of your divine life. We must first recognize that the other person […]

5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age [in images]

To live a life full of love and from the heart is the whole purpose of Heart Centered Revolution.  Here are 7 quotes from the Yogi who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West to uplift and inspire you.

7 Yogi Bhajan Quotes About Love [Infographic]