What is Sadhana in Kundalini Yoga?

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The word sadhana is said a lot in Kundalini Yoga communities, but it can be confusing because the single word actually refers to 3 separate things!  Sadhana is the cornerstone of your practice, but it can look many different ways.  Read on to see what we mean…

3 uses of the word sadhana:

  1. ‘Sadhana’ translates to “daily spiritual practice,” and this is the broadest definition it is used in. When used this way it means the spiritual practices someone does daily (or near-daily). The practices do not have to be yoga or meditation, and do not have to be the same thing everyday. What makes it sadhana is your intention to to connect with your highest self and the Infinite through that action. So if you walk on the beach every morning with the intention of connecting to God, then that can be your sadhana. But, in the Kundalini Yoga world you are encouraged to commit to more structured sadhanas to develop discipline and more deeply experience the benefits of the practice.

  2. That brings to another use of the word ‘sadhana,’ When someone commits to a specific Kundalini Yoga practice (kriya and/or meditation), for a specific period of time, that is also referred to as a sadhana. People usually commit to do doing a specific practice for 40 days because that is how long it takes to break a current habit. Forty days is a great place to start, but and with more experience you are encouraged to extend your committed practices to 90 days (to confirm a new habit), 120 days (to embody the new habit), and 1,000 (to master the new habit).

  3. And yet another use of the word sadhana is to refer to a very specific set of practices called the Aquarian Sadhana. This is a prescribed 2.5 hour practice done before sunrise, and includes listening to Japji, tuning-in, doing a kriya, relaxation, doing the Morning Call meditation, chanting to the Aquarian mantras for 62 minutes, and then closing with Long Time Sunshine. It is the prescription offered by Yohi Bhajan to help us get through the intensity of this time period with grace and ease.

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