Yoga & Spirituality: Jen McNally’s Interview With

Jen and Dadau from Patara Elephant farm

Jen and Dadau from Patara Elephant farm

It was so fun to do the interview with my friend Kim from and I wanted to share a little snippet of it.  (For anyone who doesn’t know, Sat Nam is commonly used mantra and greeting in Kundalini Yoga, meaning ‘the truth is my name’):


It has a double meaning. For me, its about my truth, what’s right for me? I can read or learn about something and differentiate that this is right for me and this isn’t. Truth is all relative. So that’s what sat nam means to me—finding what is true for me. My individual needs, my truth, and my value system.  And it’s also given me a sense that I am connected to the infinite. I felt it before but didn’t believe in it or feel comfortable using those words, but now I do. That’s why I like sat nam. It reminds me of my truth, that we are all connected and all love.

You can see the full interview here: Jennifer McNally – Yoga & Spirituality.

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