How Kundalini Yoga Elevates Consciousness – 028

Sat Nam,

This episode explores how Kundalini Yoga elevates your consciousness by increasing your sensitivity and awarenesses. 


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Listen to the episode you’ll learn how: 

  • Awareness of your physical being relates to elevation of consciousness

  • Your subconscious mind can sabotage even the best of intentions

  • Your natural state of being is as a Conscious Creator

AND, towards the end Jen leads you through a pranayam practice that  leaves you feeling cool, calm, and collected.

We also share how you can get un-stuck in an area you feel stuck in by working 1-1 doing Spiritual Counseling with Ramtin.  

As you learn in this episode, your subconscious mind can hold you back, even if you have consciously decided to make a change.  

If you feel ready for a change that just isn’t happening, odds are you have some subconscious programming that’s holding you back.  That is a frustrating place to be, because it feels like you’re going against the stream, or like circumstances keep getting in the way of your growth.

But it’s just your subconscious mind manifesting a reality in alignment with what it has been programmed to believe is true.  And Ramtin can help you re-program your subconscious mind to be in alignment with what you want, and then it will create the circumstances, feelings, and thoughts that will assist you in making the transition you want. 

Sound good? Click here to learn more

With Love,

Jen & Ramtin


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