Welcome to the 35th episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast,
all about how Kundalini Yoga helps us consciously shape our own identity. 

This episode explains how your daily habits create your sense of identify, and how Kundalini Yoga helps us clear the thoughts, actions, and patterns that no longer serve us so we can consciously create our own sense of self and sense of the world.  At the end of the episode, Jen leads you through a pranayam called Canon Breath, that helps strengthen the part of your nervous system that creates relaxation and calm.  Listen to the episode above, or read on to learn more. 

It’s important to connect with our Infinite Self, or Higher Self, on a daily basis.  We have habitual ways of doing things in life: we wake-up the thoughts that come to mind about what needs to be done throughout the day, and then other thoughts come, and it seems that we don’t have any control over them.  

All of this is part of who we are.  These practiced thoughts and patterns of behaviors are who we know ourselves to be as an identity, and all of that is shaping our world, our perception of the world.  And as you practice these patterns, there is a response you receive from your body.  

That give and take from body to mind and mind to body comes in the form of a memory, from your subconscious mind, so you can keep that identity that you have because that identity really keeps you alive, it gives you a purpose.  Now, it’s not always pleasant or even desired, but it is still an identity.  Without that identity ou wouldn’t exist.  The phenomenon of who we are as human beings, how our bodies put together, the intelligence and energy source that had to go through many transformations to become this physical body that we are, gives us the choice to shape this identity, this ego, how you see fit – if you do it consciously.

Now, a lot of times many people are re-creating this identity by default, by repeating patterns they want to break, not realizing that they are reinforcing them.  So, the purpose of Kundalini Yoga, the practice of Kundalini Yoga that we do, helps you to realize what identity you have created or yourself already, and through the practice release what you have subconsciously picked up that you don’t want, and what isn’t serving you any longer, and replace it with what you consciously desire to replace it with. 

So, come to your Spiritual practice with the intention: “I want to make my life beautiful”, it’s as simple as that.  And as you have that intention to every class, you’re telling your body, you’re telling your ego, you’re telling every cell and aspect of who you are that this is your intention.  And your body will respond to this intention, and the Universe will respond to this intention. 

And as you bring that intention you become aware of things that don’t serve you anymore.  

The process of letting go of those things, of the attachments, of the thoughts and patterns; that process takes work.  You learn over time what you need to do, what pieces you need to bring together to let go. Maybe bring more commitment to your practice, bring more discipline, a new attitude, bring a certain acceptance and belief. All of the objectivity and compassion you’ve always had towards something else is now directed towards you. 

You also have the realization that yes, I have created this life for myself in one way or another, and I am in charge of being able to change it. This should bring a feeling of empowerment, of letting go of the boundaries that we feel inside, in our own thoughts in our own mind.  That’s why they say we are imprisoned by our own mind, that’s where the limitation is.  


Just know that the Source energy that is Infinite and created everything about your body is giving you everything that’s supposed to be given to you do be renewed on a daily basis. So, you don’t have to remember and to do it everyday. You don’t need to think, “Oh yes, I need my heart to pump and my lungs to work in a certain way to breathe,” “Oh yes, I need to keep my body intact.” You don’t have to remember that, that’s done for you. The simple recognition that everything you need is being provided to you on a daily basis, helps you become aware that that you can start anew on a daily basis. You can really be who you want to be without any fear. You can allow fear to be there when it’s there, and then let it go. To establish a flow that helps prevent the buildup of subconscious habits and ways of being.

So, we practice Kundalini Yoga to move what needs to be moved, to connect all our systems harmoniously, so we can elevate our thoughts and subconscious mind above what’s in our conditional life. Every day we can renew ourselves with our own intention and our own actions. 


If this message of re-newing thought and behavior patterns resonates with you, the best way to get started it to mediate daily for 40 days.  If this sounds intimidating to you, sign-up for our free 10-day meditation program to help you get started.  Sign-up and we’ll send you an instructional video explaining how to do the Kirtan Kriya meditation, and then you get a new meditation video delivered to your inbox everyday for 10 days.  

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With Abundant Love, 

Jen & Ramtin

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