Welcome to the 41st episode of the Heart Centered Revolution podcast,
with our lovely guest, Adarsh Kaur.  In this episode, Adarsh shares her journey to Kundalini Yoga, and introduces you to the enchanting practice of Celestial Communication.

This episode introduces you to Celestial Communication teacher, Adarsh Kaur.  During her interview with Jen, Adarsh shares her journey, as well as the magic of Celestial Communication,  At the end of the podcast, Jen leads you through an easy long, deep breathing pranayam .  Listen to the episode above, or read on to learn more. 

Ramtin and I met Adarsh during our teacher training class in 2013 when she taught a special class on Celestial Communication.  It was a lighthearted, joyful experience in the midst of the deep, sometimes difficult spiritual work of teacher training. 

Since then, we have kept in touch with Adarsh through her classes and social media, and her authenticity and vulnerability make her a special teacher. 

If you haven’t heart of Celestial Communication- you’re not alone, it’s one of the practices that most teachers shy away from teaching.  But, it is a beautiful and graceful practice that involves moving your body along to a mantra.  It is unlike most Kundalini Yoga practices because you can choose your movements, and do it intuitively (though having some structure to start is helpftul!) 

Adarsh is one of the world’s leading teachers of Celestial Communication, and in this wide-ranging conversation with Jen, she shares her spiritual journey, and a bit more about Celestial Communication. 

Listen to the episode to learn how Adarsh: 

  • started her spiritual journey around 14 years old
  • was led to Kundalini Yoga during a difficult time in college
  • lived in a Kundalini Yoga community in New Mexico
  • came to love and specialize in teaching Celestial Communication

We also share in the episode how you can connect with Adarsh, and those links are here: 

  • Click here to visit Adarsh’s website to sign up for her newsletter and learn more about her.
  • Click here to visit Soul Tribe, where Adarsh teaches livestream classes and leads 40-day Celestial Communication sadhanas. 
  • Elements and Artistry of Celestial Communication: An online Course is coming soon.  Sign-up for Adarsh’s newsletter here to be notified as soon as it is available. 

In case you’re curious, here’s more info about Adarsh: 

Adarsh is a visionary leader and mentor who supports teachers, healers, parents, artists and leaders in joyful living and transformational impact.

Adarsh’s first loves were music and dance, which she studied from the age of three. These were her most original expressions of the divine, of creativity and a way to connect to the soul. In 1999, she expanded into a dedicated study of yoga, meditation, human consciousness and healing. Adarsh soon became a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a creator and teacher of Celestial Communication, for which she is most known. She shares these practices with an emphasis on self-love, receptivity and grace, in her hometown of Los Angeles and internationally.

Adarsh has a B.A. in Anthropology and English, and she has worked in business as a Human Resources Manager, Marketing and Sales Director, and as the CEO and Director of a Yoga Studio. She is a Trainer of teachers in Kundalini Yoga & meditation, and she serves the evolution of individuals through one on one Spiritual Mentorship. Adarsh feels a sacred duty to share her experience and knowledge to support others in their own spiritual quest.

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Jen & Ramtin

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