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Conscious Nutrition & Kundalini Yoga (feat. Heather Fleming) - Episode 029

November 28, 20212 min read

Sat Nam,

This episode introduces you to revolutionary nutritionist Heather Fleming, who shares how your relationship to food can be a spiritual practice


Links mentioned in this episode: 


Listen to the episode to learn how: 

  • To infuse your relationship with food with intuition and compassion

  • To connect with your body to choose what foods you eat

  • Heather’s unique tip for maintaining a consistent meditation practice

AND, towards the end Jen leads you through a pranayam practice that boosts your energy and focus.

During the episode we also announce that we’ve collaborated to create the first annual Re-New Year Retreat! 

Heather and I have been watching this retreat manifest and take shape for months, and are excited to finally open the doors for enrollment.  

The idea is that the New Year is a great time to reflect, release what is no longer serving you, and to set Divinely guided intentions for the new year (2020!). 

But it’s hard to find the time to do all that beautiful work unless you make the time and step out of the normal day-to-day. 

So, the Re-New Year Retreat was born.  

Join us on the retreat for: 

  • Nourishing meals intuitively prepared by Heather Fleming herself

  • Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices

  • Plenty of downtime to reflect, integrate and align

  • Evening Circles with conscious practices to release what is no longer serving you and step into the space we want to hold for 2020

  • New Year’s Eve celebration with Cacao Ceremony and Kombucha toast

  • Daily gong relaxation sessions

Oooh it’s going to be soooo good.  We purposefully crated a retreat we would want to be at, so we know you’re going to love it

Spots are limited, and Early-Bird pricing ends 12/1, so register today. 

And- we got a good deal on the house and we don’t have to cater food, so this retreat is an incredible value. 

To learn more and to register, click here to visit the Information Page on Heather’s website. You can also email me at Jen@HeartCenteredRevolution.com with any questions. 

We hope to meet you at the retreat!

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With Love,
Jen & Ramtin

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Jen Pourvasei & Ramtin Pourvasei

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