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Heart Centered Revolution, Explained - 047

October 20, 20221 min read

In this episode Ramtin and I share the inspiration and mission for Heart Centered Revolution, we explain what ‘Heart Centered Revolution’ means to us.

We also share a few non-yoga stories about ourselves, and I guide you through one of the most common pranayamas practiced in Kundalini Yoga: Breath of Fire.

In the episode I talk about our free programs to help support your Kundalini Yoga practice, and here are the links to those:

To learn more about us, visit www.HeartCenteredRevolution.com.

Click here to check us out on Instagram, or YouTube.

To listen on your device, just search Heart Centered Revolution anywhere you listen to podcasts, or click here to listen on Apple Music, and here to listen on Spotify. Don’t forget to subscribe!


Jen & Ramtin

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